connecting children to the value of food for a sustainable future
An Initiative by Global Experts Foundation
Three pillars: food,
sustainability and children
Food nourishes and gives pleasure, influences our state of health, connects people, shapes cultures, creates employment, drives the economy and generates a direct connection with the nature from which it originates. Today, however, food unsustainability prevails over the culture of understanding food's intrisic value. We see a loss of cultures, expertise and food traditions and we witness increases in food-related diseases, food waste and environmental damage.
Chill-Food believes that in (re)connecting children to the value of food resides the fundament for a healthy and sustainable population, environment and economy
An unprecedented educational path that aims to guarantee that new generations have the tools to make themselves independent and capable of consuming and evaluating food.
It is a training course that aims for children to understand and recognize food as a heritage of humanity including the understanding of the evolutionary rhythms that define the food universe and the need to have access to quality food.
What does Chill-Food initiative offer?
The unique steps of the Chill-Food initiative
A unique focus
Assessing the key role of children in creating a solid fundament for food sustainability.
Considering both scientific knowledge as well as real-life experiences of experts.
Seven food perspectives
The expert team
Implementation of solutions
Collaborating with all actors of the food-chain in Italy and using the results of Chill-Food Italia in other countries and continents.
Discover the results of this first innovative research and find out how to start implementing the solutions and actions proposed.

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Read the 2020 Report
of Chill-Food Italia:
Reconnecting children to the value of food for a sustainable future
Watch the Chill-Food Italia presentation
Presenting Chill-Food Italia report and its outcomes: watch the experts-authors share firsthand how the research was created, why we need to focus on children and how to start putting this into action!

Video in Italian (English subtitles coming soon).
How to take action?
Chill-Food is an initiative that informs, connects and takes action with individuals, organizations and institutions from around the world on the themes of food sustainability
and the key role of children.
Chill-Food partners who support the mission and actions
Whether you are a company, a policy-maker, a parent, an inspired young person – reach out see in which ways you can work to reconnect children to the value of food.