The Chill-Food
Global Experts Foundation
GEF is an independent non-profit foundation involved for over 10 years in developing and facilitating projects with experts on important societal topics in the areas of food, health, and well-being.
Through its unique organizational scheme, called the "expert procedure", the foundation facilitates a group of experts to work collectively on a specific topic and develop visions, recommendations and solutions. The foundation creates a stimulating environment in which experts can freely share scientific, professional and practical knowledge.
The foundation emphasizes the importance of "translating" the knowledge and real-life experience of experts to the wider public. The findings are always published and made available to both professionals and the general public building a bridge between expert knowledge and the wider public.
Zero-influence policy
GEF applies a "zero-influence policy", which means that no interference from sponsors or other actors interested in the procedure, its results or the group of experts is allowed. The content of the report is entirely elaborated and defined by the experts. Grants and funds are used to carry out the expert procedures and to communicate the results through reports, events, presentations and conferences.
The Chill-Food Network
Chill-Food is a platform for individuals and stakeholders that want to take action and collaborate on themes of food, sustainability and children. Chill-Food aims to support, increase and strengthen existing activities and networks, while at the same time inspiring, motivating and facilitating new collaborations and activities on this topic.
Reach out to us for the implementation of the report in your own country or continent or continuing the work with experts tailored to your situation.
Network partners
Libellula is an Italy-based initiative with a mission to safeguard agricultural traditions and to reconnect people to the Earth and to each other. Through olive tree adoptions and the highest quality extra virgin olive oil, we bridge cultural traditions with modern ways of living, nurturing the Earth and cultivating human wellbeing. Our community of members and partners are empowered by participating in their food's story, where our farmers are the protagonists and cultural identify serves as the backdrop.
Time4child – "Keep in mind: your future is now", (che avrà luogo a Novembre dal 9 al 22, viste le circostanze legate al Covid-19, in digitale) è stato pensato per dare vita ad un evento mondiale a misura di bambino e famiglia, offrendo il luogo "Ideale" dove trasmettere ai più giovani gli strumenti per un nuovo modello di futuro sostenibile.
L'iniziativa,ha l'obiettivo di accompagnare le nuove generazioni nel loro percorso, donando loro quegli strumenti utili per affrontare le sfide del domani, immaginando insieme il prossimo futuro.
Other partners
Whether you are a company, a policy-maker, a parent, an inspired young person – reach out see in which ways you can work to reconnect children to the value of food.