Finding local solutions
to a global problem: results from Chill-Food Italia
2020 Report
Alarming signs
were found
Even within Italy, a country with many "prerequisites" in favor of sustainability, there are widespread alarming signs showing a lack of sustainbility in food.
A consensus was reached
The current lack of sustainability in all seven food disciplines is the
result of a missing link, that is, the connection to the value of food, seen in its entirety, from family, environment, culture, technology, production, consumption, etc.
Today, children grow up within a contradictory society where they have an increasingly less direct link with the natural world, the rhythms of the seasons, traditional food, time with the family, or to all possible transmitters of the value and affectivity of food. Therefore, it is necessary to work on the young generations, to whom we entrust the realization of a better future.
The Chill-Food Italia methodology to realize
this (re)connection
The know-how and practical experience of the experts within each of the seven food areas brought forth five overarching methodological approaches. These approaches represent the framework that Chill-Food Italia proposes to allow a reconnection
of children to the value food.

They are widely applicable inside and outside school and family spheres, and in multiple disciplinary areas relating to food.
A final step: practical solutions and initiatives
for action
Seven paths for action are defined that incorporate the methodological approaches of the Chill-Food Italia framework, align with current existing good practices, and can be implemented in the short term to reconnect children to the value of food encompassing all its aspects.
The overall frame
of Chill-Food Italia
Although the Italian society already shows ongoing initiatives, the research made it clear that it is urgent to focus further on children, developing and promoting more educational and training activities and initiatives both inside and outside school, involving all food-related disciplines.
We need to assure that every child has a basic package of knowledge and experience on food, to understand its value, its purpose for health, well-being and personal and environmental sustainability. The aim of Chill-Food Italia
is to push society to do more.
Discover the results of this first innovative research and find out how to start implementing the solutions and actions proposed.

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